Gig report

Saturday’s gig at the Musical Comedy Awards semi finals was unusual but still fun. We crammed four string players (Louisa, Tom, Dan and Cat), four brass players (Steve, Kate and The League Of Nathans), a clarinettist (Sarah), a drummer (Ben) and an accordionist (self) onto the little stage at the Wilmington Arms.

We played:

Gooseberry Rag
The History Of Europe
The Taste Of Hair
Four Minutes And Thirty-Three Seconds

Considering the nature of the event it was a curiously difficult gig – the crowd had sat through nearly three hours of non-stop musical whimsy, and of course being out of competition we were the only act on the bill who hadn’t brought an army of supporters to cheer us on and vote for us, so it felt a bit Billy-No-Mates to begin with, but it was nice to chat to new fans afterwards – thank-you in particular if you bought a CD!

Hoping to announce some new gigs very shortly.

Gig report

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