Dingwalls, November 24th 2010

The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra will be hosting a great night of music at Dingwalls in Camden, London, along with Edinburgh’s The Graeme Mearns Band and Jim Bob from Carter USM! The night will feature a set of songs from the musical Gutted (which I composed the tunes for), performed by members of the Edinburgh cast. MFMO will also be providing orchestral backing for some of Jim Bob’s songs. It’s going to be a wonderful one-off night, don’t miss it!

Tickets £10 from here.

Dingwalls, November 24th 2010

One thought on “Dingwalls, November 24th 2010

  1. Paul Fielding says:

    I travelled down from Staffordshire, specifically to see Jimbob and an Orchestra on the same stage. Dispite train delays on the ways down due to a car hitting a bridge, and the delayed return train due to someone being foolish enough to pick a right with a train, I really, really enjoyed the evening.

    I’ll be back.

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