Tremendous fun at the Lexington last night, supporting a favourite band of my student days, the inimitable David Devant & His Spirit Wife. We played a set of our own songs and later in the evening joined Devant for their encore (see video of one of those collaborations here)

Our own set was:
An Adventure On The Transcarpathian Express Part 1
The Taste Of Hair
An Adventure On The Transcarpathian Express Part 3
Thank-You For Not Discussing The Outside World
If I Could Step Inside Your Mind
Dudley And His Magic Pants
Master Flea’s Song About The Wisdom Of Animals
Flea National Anthem

Couple of new ones in there, both from long-form collaborations with lyricist Reggie Chamberlain-King. The Transcarpathian Express story is going to be a big half-hour epic, the text for which is written and which I am gradually setting to music. I’ve skipped the French and German leg of the journey for now while I figure out some musical stuff, so last night we went straight to Part 3, the Swiss leg of the journey, in which the train is attacked by Alpine cannibals. Response from the crowd was encouraging so we’ll keep plugging away at it, and hopefully perform the whole finished piece later in the year.

Our next gig is at Comedy Rush at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London – it’s sixty acts in sixty minutes and we’ll be doing a one-minute long orchestral piece as part of the shenanigens. The line-up for the night is terrific!


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