Sunday’s gig

Thanks to everyone who came down to the 100 Club on Sunday, resisting the temptations of nice weather and Paul Simon.

Our set was:

The Taste Of Hair
Do It Right Or Not At All
An Adventure On The Trans-Carpathian Express – Part IV
Belly Of The Whale
Down The Allotment
Dudley And His Magic Pants
How I Take My Tea

Later in the evening we also provided some orchestral colour for cover versions of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band songs Rockaliser Baby, Rhinocratic Oaths, Mr Apollo, Tubas In The Moonlight and Monster Mash.

We’re back into the studio for the next couple of weekends finishing off recording the long-in-the-works concept album “Master Flea” and starting work on new tracks Down The Allotment and Waltzing (premiered at Sunday’s gig to enthusiastic response!)

Sunday’s gig

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