“Master Flea” recording continues…

The last couple of weekends saw a final sprint towards completing the recording stage of the Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra’s first album, Master Flea.  The end is in sight!  We’ve had Nathans Hamer and Thomas, Kate Dornan, Steve Pretty and Chrissie Ranson in to finish off the brass, Foz Foster in with his bag of weird percussion toys to create the sounds of rioting fleas, Baron Gilvan in to sing the role of the nefarious flea tamer, and a division of the MFMO strings (Robert Chatley, Siobhan Gee, Alex Pudney and Hannah Donovan) doing some string quartet work.

The next stage in the process is to get down to the business of mixing, which is one of those strange renaissance crosses between an art and a science: it involves patience, technical skill (MFMO engineer Jon Clayton’s, not mine), but at the same time it’s where the final layer of creativity is spread onto the album.

Oh, and while we were at it, we got cracking on a double A-side single of new songs Down The Allotment and Waltzing with Ben Handysides and Rhodri Marsden laying the foundations on drums and bass guitar.  Both tracks shaping up to be pretty spectacular….

“Master Flea” recording continues…

One thought on ““Master Flea” recording continues…

  1. Dave Minter says:

    I do believe “Waltzing” to be the finest song in 4/4 time about waltzing that I’ve ever heard. I look forward to purchasing it.

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