Album update!

I know I’ve been saying this for ages now, but the first full MFMO album Master Flea is approaching completion in a matter of days (not counting mastering, which I’m guessing will be another couple of weeks).  Anyway, all the orchestral components have been recorded, edited and mixed. Nearly all the singers have been into the studio to contribute their parts: that’s Catharine Rogers as the Princess, Colin Hoult as Peregrine, Thom Tuck as George and the housekeeper, Baron Gilvan as the Flea Tamer, and Kevin Eldon’s velvety contribution as the narrator.  I (Martin) have sung Master Flea’s two songs and all the multi-layered flea chorus backing vocals, and on Sunday evening while we have Jeremy Limb in the studio to record some piano for the next MFMO project (already in progress) we’ll record his vocal turn as Police Chief Kamptz.  We’ll finish mixing and assembling the whole album on Monday and Wednesday and hurrah, that’s it done.


The album is based on E.T.A. Hoffmann’s last and worst novel Meister Floh, published in 1822. It’s a shambolic baffling mess of a book with a story that makes no sense whatsoever, but it’s full of vivid ideas and imagery that just cry out to be set to music.  Lyricist Reggie Chamberlain-King and I had a stab at setting it for the stage and a well-received performance (featuring the same cast that sings on the album) was mounted in February 2011.  So in a way, the album is like one of those original-cast-recordings you get of musicals, but I prefer to think of this incarnation as a cross between the soundtrack to an imaginary animated film and one of those children’s albums they used to make in the seventies, with its mix of lush orchestration and funky bass guitar (the latter courtesy of the brilliant Rhodri Marsden).  I’ve been faffing about with the 3D application Blender to create some imagery to go with it, as seen above, as though taken from this non-existent animated film.

In anticipation of the album’s release I have made last year’s Dudley And His Magic Pants EP available online via our friends at Corporate Records (link) and also through the usual evil channels like iTunes etc.  But buy it from Corporate Records, they are nice.

Album update!

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