The Call To Adventure – New Video!

How many of the films referenced can you identify?

This is the opening song from our current album The Hero’s Journey, which you can order on CD for a tenner here.

There are videos for some of the other songs off the album on our Youtube page.


The Call To Adventure – New Video!

New MFMO Album and London launch gig!

Two years after our last live show and five years after our last album we’re back with a brand new bumper record.

The new album is called The Hero’s Journey, and it’s an epic tour of Joseph Campbell’s monomyth concept, with a song for each of the 17 stages (plus an overture, because 17 tracks simply wasn’t enough, and hey: it’s prog), all in a variety of styles from fantasy film score to disco, to Bollywood and 60s psychedelia, all of course lavishly orchestrated.

You can buy limited edition CD here for ten quid incl. postage & packing worldwide.

It features beautiful original artwork by Chris Gilvan-Cartwright (a.k.a. The Baron!), including a big fold-out poster book treasure-map board-game type thing.

Join us on the Journey!

New MFMO Album and London launch gig!

New Halloween Single: Supernatural Aid!

It’s been a while, but that’s because we’ve been hard at work on the new album (yes, yes, it’s taking forever, but it is an epic of an album in every sense).  In the meantime, however, we have a treat for you: a new single in the grand old horror-disco tradition, complete with a ghostly animated video!

The EP is available to pre-order from iTunes here:

And from all other digital media outlets at wildly varying and mysteriously arbitrary prices.  It’s a four track EP, but you get the A-side straight away, and the other tracks when the single is “officially” released on October the 23rd.

The tracks are:

  1. Supernatural Aid (Chamberlain-King/White)
  2. The Taste of Hair (White)
  3. Corpse (Chamberlain-King/White)
  4. Squeeze Me (White)

You’ll remember Squeeze Me and Taste of Hair from MFMO gigs of yore (we recorded them ages ago but haven’t played them live in a long time).  Corpse is another song that was done for a rejected film soundtrack along with the track Bad Joke off the Dudley EP.

Supernatural Aid is the first single from the forthcoming and long-delayed album The Hero’s Journey, due early 2016.

New Halloween Single: Supernatural Aid!

Next gig: June 22nd at The Boogaloo

Thanks to all who came to our show in Bethnal Green with The Indelicates earlier this month.  It was quite a show!  Exciting for us to collaborate with such kindred spirits, and also an opportunity to showcase some of our own new material from the forthcoming second album.

If you missed it: never fear, we’re gigging again soon, namely at The Boogaloo in Highgate on Sunday, June the 22nd.  The show will start at 5pm, and our guests will be the brilliant Chris T-T and Dubstar’s Sarah Blackwood, both of whom we will be accompanying orchestrally.  We will of course also be playing a full set of MFMO songs old and new, and playing some songs from Martin’s new work-in-progress stage musical “Polly”.

See you at the Boogaloo!

Next gig: June 22nd at The Boogaloo

MFMO live 2014!

We are excited to announce our first live show on 2014!

It will be at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club in London on Tuesday May the 6th.  Doors 7.30pm, MFMO on at 8pm.

We will be playing old favourites and also presenting some brand new material from the forthcoming second studio album “The Hero’s Journey”.

Tickets here

We look forward to seeing you there!

MFMO live 2014!

New release: Down The Allotment / Waltzing

What a summer it has been!  Not only have we hosted a summer season of fun shows with a variety of lovely guests, but we have been busy in the studio too. We have some new songs available in the form of an EP called Down The Allotment, featuring the title track (a jaunty prog epic about freeholding), a new song called Waltzing, a live recording of our vague sea shanty Something Something Something In The Morning, and a daft unreleased recording from the dusty MFMO archives called Four Minutes And Thirty-Three Seconds (not 4′ 33″ of silence, let the highly litigious John Cage estate take note). 36119 This collection of songs is available from all online stores if you require an immediate fix (or audio preview), and also in physical form, in hand-crafted packaging, directly from us.  It features a free seed sellotaped to the cover, to get you started on your own gardening efforts.  Only GBP 5.00 including worldwide P&P. Here’s the Paypal link:

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New release: Down The Allotment / Waltzing